Hand Brushes

Brush Products offers a variety of the most popular hand and maintenance brushes for industrial applications.

Hand brushes are available in the following sizes and formats:

Scratch brush:

General purpose wire maintenance brushes for paint, rust and dirt removal. Available with curved or shoe-handle and with or without scraper attachment. Handles are made of wood or plastic. Wire brush fill options include steel, stainless steel, brass or bronze.

Channel Scratch brush:

Based on our strip brush technology, a utility scratch brush for thread cleaning, light removal of rust or paint. Brush part is 7" long and 12" overall with handle. Available in bent handle or straight handle. Brush fill options include steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, nylon, or horsehair. Standard wire size is 0.010". Other wire sizes are available.

Welder brush:

A small format wire scratch brush for use on electronic soldered contacts and welding. Available with wood or plastic handles. Brush fill options include stainless steel, brass or nylon.

Toothbrush Style Channel Scratch brush:

A smaller version of the Channel Scratch brush, with a 1 ¼" brush part and ¼" trim. Handle can be made from steel or brass channel, straight or bent at 25° angle. Brush fill options include .005" steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, or nylon.

Platers brush:

General purpose maintenance brushes for soft dusting or fine wire brushing. Available with wooden handle in curved or shoe-handle styles Brush fill options include .005" steel, .005" stainless steel, .005" brass, nylon, natural bristle, or tampico fiber.

Acid Swab brush:

An economical brush for shop use suitable for application of lubricant or glue, or sweeping of small debris. Filled with stiff horsehair and a tin handle, ranging from ¼" to ¾" wide.

Oil & Chip brush:

An economical brush for application of lubricants, sweeping of chips from sawing or machining. Wood handle and pure white bristle. Standard sizes from ½" wide to 4" wide.

Parts Cleaning:

A versatile brush with long trim for parts cleaning. Two sizes: #8 with 1" diameter and square trim, and #10 with 1 ½" diameter and domed trim. Nylon or tampico fiber fill material.

Scrub brush:

Traditional scrub brush with wooden block and tampico or palmyra fill material. Square end or pointed end available. Smaller hand and nail brush available.

Street brushes:

Heavy duty brooms for sweeping concrete, asphalt or brick surfaces. Long trim : 5" to 7 ¼". Filled with stiff synthetic filament, bass or palmyra fiber. Broom handle sold separately.

Flat Wire broom:

For sweeping rough and uneven surfaces. Recommended for pushing heavy accumulations and for removing substances that stick to the surface. Filled with tempered flat steel wire (.017"x .065"). Available in three different block sizes up to 16" long by 2 3/8" wide. Handle sold separately.